About Us

About Us

Providing  Clean , Affordable and Sustainable Solar Energy for the Peak load needs of Industry , business and communities.

Sun Asia Energy is a pioneer developer of clean, affordable  and sustainable solar energy in  Philippines. Established in 2013 , it prides itself in possessing Expertise , Experience and thorough understanding of the landscape and dynamics of the energy market inclusive of the regulatory energy policies that impact directly on businesses involved in this sector.

Sun Asia specializes in the following areas of the Solar Energy Business sector:


  1. Develops partnerships with Power utilities to diversify their generation mix, manage their peak load and reduce risks caused by unforeseen disasters and fluctuations in fossil fuel prices. With consumer interests and sustainability as main considerations , Sun Asia packages solar projects and builds load capacity by deploying embedded power plants.
  2. Provides solutions to the problem of escalating energy costs. Sun Asia develops solar solutionsto both commercial and industrial enterprises.It empowers businesses to generate electric power through solar rooftops at point of use. This enables them to avoid transmission and distribution charges inclusive of VAT payments.
  3. Links projects to property owners. Our expertise in energy and power generation and experience in the solar business allow us to offer ways by which landowners and housing developers generate high productivity in their real estate projects. We provide opportunities to earn reasonable margins and an avenue where they contribute to climate change mitigation.
  4. Lays the ground for investments in the Green Energy sector. Sun Asia packages viable clean energy projects to Equity and technology partners. It provides an investment platform for renewable energy in the Philippines. It can pave the way to establishing a footprint in Asia and opens the doors to ownership of Solar power plants in the Philippines. Its extensive network in viable off-take agreements and land rights to provide investors fair returns on investments while mitigating greenhouse emissions thus protecting the environment.

Who We Are

Noel Cariño

Noel Cariño is an outstanding businessman and respected real estate developer with a long track record in residential, commercial and leisure property development. Co-founder of the Fil-Estate group of companies and builder of world-class lifestyle communities, he is presently the president of the biggest real and builders industry association in the Philippines,    CREBA.    In    the    energy    sector,    he    founded Sunasia Energy Inc. in 2013 and is now    the    chairman    of    the    Board.    He    was    also    elected member of Parliament in 2001.

Reynaldo Bantug

Reynaldo Bantug is a leader in the field of agriculture, a respectable sugarcane planter and miller, serving the sector as the past President of the Confederation of Sugar Planters (CONFED) –the largest sugarcane producers organization in the country. He founded Green Energy Futures a FilipinoJapanese joint venture company operating the largest bio-ethanol cogeneration plant producing as much as 2000kl of ethanol per day while also generating 19MW of renewable power since its commercial operations in 2012, A renowed leader in the gaiming industry, he is the co-founder and Chairman of VictoriaSolar Energy Corporation.

Tetch Cruz-Capellan

Tetchi Cruz-Capellan is a pioneer of solar energy in the Philippines. She led the USAID funded rural electrification program for remote areas in Mindanao and contributed in shaping the Renewable Energy Law of 2008, the Feed-in Tariff Rules of 2012 and the Net Metering Rules of 2013. Today, she is the CEO of Sunasia Energy. She founded the Philippine Solar Power Alliance in 2010 and served as the President for 3 terms. In 2002, she was the undersecretary of the Department of Agriculture of the Philippines.