Community Solar

Community Solar

What is Community Solar?

Community Solar is an integrated energy management solution that allows communities to generate their own independent power source that is environmentally friendly and cost efficient. It can also provide back-up for grid in case of emergencies.

Community Solar caters to Residential, Industrial and Commercial Complex for Own use of Power.


How does Community Solar Work?

We install renewable energy, mix it with the grid power, deliver the clean energy to the point of use and maintain your power garden to ensure reliable source of power supply into the most competitive manners.


How to be part of Solar Community?

Convince your homeowners to go green by getting clean energy from solar.

SunAsia Energy will help diversify your electrical supply so you can contribute in mitigating climate change.

We will partner with your community and build solar for your own use.

Together we will distribute solar power into homes, offices and factories within the community and maintain the operations of the power plant in the next 20 years.

We will be pleased to walk you through the benefits of solar and discuss the partnership between SunAsia Energy and your community.

Email us at to be part of Community Solar.