Victoria Solar

Victoria Solar

30MW VictoriaSolar Power Project

Location: Negros Occidental

In response to the government’s call to increase the generating capacity in the Luzon-Visayas Grid, the VictoriaSolar Power Project was conceived to help shave the daytime peak demand and avert any possible power interruption.

VictoriaSolar Power Project is a 30MW solar plant to be constructed in the province of Negros Occidental. Given the country’s rich solar resources, the Philippine project, once operational in 2016, can supply the local needs of the islands, allowing other generating facilities to redirect the flow of their electricity to the other areas in the Philippines.

SunAsia Energy and VictoriaSolar Energy- A partnership between Filipino businesses committed to build solar power plants in the island of Negros Occidental, for the purpose of increasing energy capacity supplying clean electricity and collaborating towards providing solar solutions in the electricity market by applying state-of-art technical materials and know-how.

VictoriaSolar Power Project- An investment platform for investors interested in the Philippine electricity market and a window for strategic cooperation for renewable energy development in Southest Asia. The project shall cover the construction of 30MW solar power plant. This is a shovel-ready with Approved COCOC and land conversion order.